Surefire Cyber is redefining the incident response model by delivering a swifter, stronger response to cyber incidents such as ransomware, email compromise, malware, data theft, and other threats. 

Our client-centric approach reduces stress and provides clients the confidence needed to prepare, respond, and recover from cyber incidents – and fortify their cyber resilience after an event.


We prepare you by assessing your resilience, exercising and improving your plans, and strengthening your response.


We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to guide you through cyber incidents.


We help you emerge stronger by fortifying your security posture against future events.

Tech-enabled Delivery

Through our technology-driven approach to response and forensics, we bring forward the right information to guide clients through the incident response process.

First-class Experts

We’ve assembled a team of experts that demonstrate empathy and critical thinking to help guide clients through difficult decisions.

Purpose-built Capabilities

Our end-to-end approach includes incident response, digital forensics, negotiation, and restoration.

Surefire Cyber by far is one of the best companies I have ever done business with. Their fast response time was amazing and the reassurance of their work is impeccable.
The team was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We're grateful for their services.
The team was knowledgeable and professional. They provided quality information in a short period of time and provided easy to follow solutions.
Thoughtful, creative, thorough approach. Responsive. Great with clients.
Surefire Cyber was able to take highly complex concepts and simplify them for common understanding.
Professional people who knew what they were doing and had a good and logical game plan for resolution.

Critical Thinking and Workflow Automation

Leveraging our team’s knowledge and experience to ensure more efficient outcomes

within minutes, day
or night

and helps your team in making timely decisions

Deep experience
managing through
cyber incidents

Empathy to guide
your team during a
difficult time

in pricing and clear
communications –
no surprises

and skills to help you
emerge stronger

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