After an incident we are here to support you by providing recommendations to improve and enhance your security measures.

We specialize in managing ongoing remediation and improvement initiatives that deliver tangible results. Our comprehensive approach includes introductions to our network of partners, supporting ongoing remediation activities for secondary and tertiary services, facilitating the secure reconfiguration of security platforms to minimize the attack surface and eliminate exposures, and offering strategic guidance on further initiatives to bolster resilience.



Ongoing Management of Remediation Initiatives

We offer ongoing support so that you emerge more resilient following a cyber incident as well as ongoing management of initiatives to ensure that initiatives remain on track and are completed appropriately.


Get Stronger Workshop and Roadmap

We offer a Get Stronger workshop aimed at equipping you with immediate and actionable items to improve your resilience. The findings and recommendations provided during the workshop are drawn from the facts of the incident and the findings of the forensic investigation, helping you target real gaps in your posture exploited by threat actors.

You can leverage Surefire Cyber’s wide ecosystem of partners to enable your long-term remediation objectives.

Cybersecurity Improvement Planning

We interview your professionals, review your policies and procedures, and validate your security control implementation and use. The assessment is based on 18 critical security controls from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) with an additional eight Surefire Cyber developed critical security controls.

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