Company Overview

We deliver clients clarity and confidence from response to resilience.

Surefire Cyber’s approach and delivery are designed by industry veterans who have worked shoulder-to­-shoulder with law firms, insurance carriers, brokers, law enforcement, and impacted organizations in responding to cyber incidents. We are marshaling this experience to address the industry’s persistent challenges of efficiency, predictability, and transparency.

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Surefire Cyber


  • Cybersecurity improvement planning

  • Ransomware resilience

  • Incident response (IR) retainer services

  • Response exercises

  • IR plan and playbook development

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) development and enhanced monitoring
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Recovery support for services and systems
  • Threat actor engagement, negotiation, and decryption support
  • Get Stronger workshop and roadmap
  • Ongoing management of remediation activities
  • Cybersecurity improvement planning



  • Deep experience managing through cyber incidents
  • Empathy to guide your team during  a difficult time
  • Skills in helping you emerge stronger


  • Transparent pricing – no surprises
  • Hands-on restoration experts to reduce business interruption
  • Full end-to-end capabilities including incident response, digital forensics, negotiation, and restoration capabilities


  • Responsiveness within minutes, day or night
  • Clear communications – no surprises
  • Critical thinking to help structure critical decisions

We are focused on improving the care provided to organizations affected by cybercrime so they can contain threats, restore operations, and provide their services. Although we have helped over 1,000 clients through cyber incidents, we take special care in each case we work.  It is easy for us to put our hearts into our work because we are honored to help our clients.

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